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+Family of Woodstock is an agency that provides services throughout Ulster and the surrounding counties in the Hudson Valley. Founded in 1970, its principle focus are crisis intervention services, emergency shelters, child care programs, case management services and food programs

+The 2019 Kingston Design Showhouse is earmarking proceeds from the sale of its tickets to MidWay, a Family of Woodstock transitional living residence in midtown Kingston for homeless adolescents. Residents receive assistance in key areas, including educational support; life skills training; job-preparedness; employment assistance; and assitance with locating permanent housing


2018 MidWay Achievements

Last year, MidWay (a transitional living residence in Kingston for adolescents) served 25 children. Outcomes included:


+ 16 adolescents advanced their education as follows: 6 attended high school, with 1 attaining high school diploma; 2 attended college classes; 3 continued a day BOCES program, with 2 graduating with a high school diploma; 4 participated in GED classes; 1 worked toward the GED at the YouthBuild Program. The remaining 6 had a minimum of a high school diploma, earned in a previous year or before intake

+ 15 adolescents assisted with gaining/maintaining entitlements (food stamps/TA, SSI) and/or financial aid for college

+ 17 youth were employed during this past year. 7 were employed full-time and 10 were part-time

+ 19 adolescents addressed their medical needs and saw a primary care physician. In addition, 9 youth kept dental appointments

+ 22 adolescents participated in assessment, service plan development and individual counseling

+ 22 adolescents stabilized their living situation and increased their competency in living skills by residing at MidWay


For More Information

+General admission tickets to tour the 2019 Kingston Design Showhouse can be purchased here or at the door when you visit the showhouse

+Tickets to showhouse special events can be purchased on this site at the 2019 Showhouse Events page

 +Visit www.familyofwoodstockinc.org to learn more about this organization