Founder Maryline Damour, who started Kingston Design Connection to create a network for designers and manufacturers in New York's trendy Hudson Valley, held the first Kingston Design Showhouse in her home last year (2018), with 10 designers participating. This year, she upped the ante to 17 designers -- House Beautiful

Designer Maryline Damour spearheads a uniquely collaborative showhouse. -- AD PRO

After creating a name for herself in the arts, Maryline Damour is once again branching into something new. The Kingston Design Showhouse, conceptualized and run by Damour, is a beacon for upstate designers to share their work with the community -- Aspire Design and Home

After a successful debut, Kingston Design Showhouse plans a new project -- Hudson Valley Magazine

Just two years in, the Kingston Design Connection Showhouse has already become a powerful vehicle for coalescing the Hudson Valley's emerging design scene, bringing professionals together and putting the region on the map as a design destination -- Upstate House

Last yer's showhouse took over a Midtown Victorian and brought together 10 designers, 45 makers and over 50 local buinesses, kicking off a regional conversation among like-minded professionals. For 2019, Damour has nearly doubled the number of participants -- Chronogram

The Kingston Design Connection Showhouse was a wonderful idea, pulled off brilliantly. So many makers, artists, artisans, craftsmen, interior designers, landscape designers, and local businesses came together and had fun getting to know each other while making something creative happen -- Hudson Valley Lighting

Each room feels like a unique portrait of someone who would live there. – Kat Howard


You’ve created a wonderful showcase and dream sparker! What a beautiful concept and execution. – The Idea Garden


Wonderful work! I hope you‘ll be doing more design houses for many years to come. – Alysa Wishingrad


Congratulations on bringing curious people, creative design and many possibilities to Kingston. – Brian Fekete


So glad to have been a part of it. Thank you for bringing it to life. – Laianna Ferruggia


So grateful to have met and collaborated with all these incredible local businesses. – Northern Dwelling  


So happy to have discovered the amazing community you’ve created! – At Home Upstate


I finally got to check out the Kingston Design Showhouse, a collaborative community-focused design project developed by Kingston Design Connection and WOW! Thank you to Maryline Damour for developing this design project and opening its doors to all of us! – At Home Upstate


Finally got to check out the Kingston Design Showhouse, the collaborative work of Kingston Design Connection—creating spaces, creating community. – Jennifer Salvemini


You identified a missing and key link—connection, conversation, collaboration. – freestylerestyle


So many georgous vignettes at Kingston Design Showhouse. – Maya Kaimal


Finally got there!! So incredibly well done! – The Corduroy Shop


Congratulations to all the designers involved in the Kingston Design Showhouse. Y’all killed it! – Jay Teske


The showhouse is a gem. So many inspirational ideas and a testament to the level of design savvy in our upstate home. Thanks for devoting your creative energy. More, more more! – Linda O’Keeffe


A terrific project. Congratulations on your success. I am humbled yet so excited by your accomplishments. You created a dynamic of which you should be proud. – Haynes Llewellyn


This house is a true testament to the creative, talented, joyful, generous, collaborative diverse community of people there is in the Hudson Valley...Thank you @kingston.design.connection for having the vision, fortitute and maybe insanity to corral us creative cats.  – freestylerestyle